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How sad is life sometimes that you look around and realize you're hanging out at home on a Friday night with nothing to look forward to except clipping coupons for your wild and crazy trip to the grocery store tomorrow and doing dishes 

There are days I miss being 21 and single.

There was joy to be had today, I received in the mail my BFTV t-shirt and my omni-peace shirt like the one House wore on the season premiere. I'm actually sporting the BFTV one right now.

Hubby is coming home soon which means I've got to clean up around here.  I have fallen into a funk since he's been gone and I will forever be grateful to my dear [personal profile] bonorattle for being my lifeline in and out of work this week.  It's wonderful to be able to call her my friend :)

After my chores I think I will watch a little House and attempt to write a little, I'm sadly pathetic at it right now.  Damn I wish I had a glass of wine.

Happy Friday night/Saturday morning to you all :)

And just for the hell of it here's some Hughness to drool over this evening.....


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So I'm browsing my online gossip site (yes I'm a gossip whore, so sue me) and see this on 

Britney pissed over crazy billboards:

Spears is fuming over a series of ads for a wacky morning radio host in Florida, which uses her bald-headed image along with the headlines: Certifiable, Shock Therapy, and Total Nut Jobs. Apparently, Spears is still a little sensitive about her current mental condition.

OMG, these billboards were up here in Jacksonville, actually the first one was on my way to work every morning.  We have the MJ Morning show here.  This billboard always cracked me up.

Apparently she's trying to sue for millions of dollars.  The Morning Show paid money outright for the rights to use the photo.  

Anyway, I just thought it was funny, and totally true.  Sorry not a fan of dear Brit-Brit.

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So it's another Sunday afternoon and I sit here bored.  I have a ton of things to do, least of which is cleaning, laundry and work on "Giving in".  SO what do I end up doing after my hubby leaves to take his daughter home?  I take my son to Super Target, why?  BEcause damn it, I felt like shopping and spending money I don't particularly have.  Oh well, I work 5 days a week, I'm allowed a little fun.

Now I'm home, it's time to put the boy down for his nap.  We just ate McDonalds, why, because damn it I wanted some of their fries.  Dieting be damned!

Few minor ramblings......

Why do cats find it necessary to lay on your CLEAN clothes that you are folding on your bed?

Why does your husband think it's a good idea to let your 4 year old nephew what Spiderman (the first movie) on DVD when he's watching him even though his mom is so strict the child cant even watch Power Rangers because it's too violent.

When did waking up at 8AM become "sleeping in"?

Whatever happened to good Saturday Morning cartoons?

That's all the stupid ramblings I can think of right now, I'm off to put my son down, if I can get him to stop climbing onto his puzzle table.  Then I promise I will start writing!
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Summer Movie Edition!

So once again I sit here with my laptop, no TV and my dear son napping so naturally I'm rather bored.  So I decided to post my 1st edition of "Things to look forward to".  Today's is summer movie edition because let's face it, this summer is chalk full of crap to be excited about.

Spiderman 3: I am so flipping excited about this, I am a comic book nut thanks to my older brother.  And I effing LOVE Venom.  My girl heart can't take it, he's geeky and skinny but I have a major crush on Tophr Grace, I have since "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton"

Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End:  Do I really need to explain why I can't wait for this?!  Two words should suffice- Johnny Depp!!!!

This movie is letting my elementary school geek totally come out.  This movie better be good or I am going to be po'd seriously.

Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer: Again, there's that comic book girl in me.  Plus, have you seen Chris Evans/Johnny Storm as the Human Torch?!

Shrek 3:  Come on, it's Shrek!!!

I'm sure there's more, please comment and bring them to my attention.  I love going to the movies to be entertained, it's a great escape from the harshness of reality!
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I must admit, I never really thought much of how much I rely on modern technology until I am without it for an extended period of time.  

Sure no cable, no internet (except the occasional Wi Fi I pick up on my laptop which seriously is not very often) or home phone seems do-able I mean seriously, years ago we didn't have all this.  But as I sit here alone on Saturday afternoon, no sounds but the birds chirping outside I realize, DAMN IT!  I WANT MY CABLE BACK!!!!!

No House for 2 weeks, no DVR, no TV period.  I think I have watched all the DVD movies I have ever owned.  My son is even getting irritated because he's spending so much time with me.  If you can hear your dog snoring from across the house there is something seriously lacking in your life!

I have however gotten the time to work on my fic and post a new chapter plus bond with not only my Autistic child but also my 4 furry children too.  SO I guess it's not so bad but DID I MENTION NO HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
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My dear husband decided that we needed 3 pine trees chopped down because they are old and a hazard.  Which is fine, with hurricane season rapidly approaching they needed to go as they were dead and nasty.  So he hires these people to come on and I'm not kidding when I say they were like friggin' lumberjacks.  The guy put on his spikes and climbed the trees and chopped it down piece by piece!  The pics we took were amazing.

He's the crappy part, they dropped one of the trees and apparently it cut through my cable connection!  My internet, telephone and TV are all hooked up through that one line.  Now I have NOTHING!!!!!!!  Did I mention no internet.  I was lucky to find a wireless network that isn't password protected but I don't know how long that will last, the signal isn't very strong.

This sucks ass, I feel like I am on a desert island.  What did we do before modern technology?!  Thank God I have this laptop!
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Hello there, I figured I should actually add something to my Jounal so here is something of an introduction.

I'm not sure how I found the site but I believe it was through and I am forever grateful that I did.  I would like to extend my sincerest thank yous to all those who have friended me because honestly I think you all are unbelievably talented and wonderful, I wish I had half the abilities that you all possess.

I am a huge House MD fan, or more to the point a huge Hugh Laurie fan.  I was a fan before House aired and think he is truly a class act and talented beyond reason.  I also adore his co-collaborator Stephen Fry.  Jeeves and Wooster is one of my all time favorite shows.  I wasn't old enough to view it when it originally aired but I do now own the box set!  I'm such a dork I know!

I am a Cam/House shipper but love the show as a whole, all the characters and their interactions are top notch.  I try to be very patient with the writers and place my trust within them but it is hard at times but I really do try.  I am forever in their debt for them bestowing upon us such an amazing and brilliant show.

I love to read the great fanfics and view all the icon and artistry that is shown here by the House community.  You all are the best!  I tried to write a fanfic with amazing Mishy-Mo being my beta but the muse was elusive and then life interferred with my creative process so it's on hold for now.

I will stop blabbing now.  Just want to send out a huge THANK YOU! to all that have friended me.


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