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 I'm afraid to say that I really am not feeling in the Christmas spirit, I have no idea why. I'm just kind of blah; I'm tired, unmotivated and uninspired. That within itself sucks majorly but when you add that Christmas is a scant few days away, that sucks big giant monekey balls!!

I have to give the largest of shout outs to all the lovelies on my flist that have sent me a Christmas card, it's so numerous Im afraid to list you all in case I forget a name out of my sheer stupidity. Let me just say that I am forever grateful and will be thinking of you all each time I look up at my entrance way (Where the cards are taped up)

Congrats to the amazing Hugh Laurie for garnering yet another award nomination, this time a SAG. Good news in addition to his nomination is that although the Golden Globes and Oscars have not been pitied by the WGA, the SAG awards have been granted a waiver and the show will go on :)

These pictures have gone above and beyond making my day!

And can I close this entry by saying to my lovely [personal profile] bonorattle and [profile] starleigh 
I don't know what I have done correctly in my life to deserve your friendships (and all my flist for that matter) but I am forever grateful for you. I love you :)

My Christmas presents from these lovely ladies:
Jasper from  [personal profile] bonorattle and the beautiful Hugh and Stephen at Cambridge mug from [profile] starleigh

A goodnight/good morning to you all and thank you for everything :D
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So it's Humpday once again and I give you Hugh!picspam plus pictures of my work area all decked out for the Holidays.

-----There's nothing much for me to say about last night's episode of House. I'm just kind of blah about the past 2 episodes. I'm hoping I'll feel better after the holidays once we get new episodes. I'm afraid all the shit I'm going through personally is affecting my enjoyment on everything. It sucks, I'll soldier on and I won't bore you with the emo details.
-----I will say this one thing on the subject of House. I know a majority of my flist aren't Cameron fans but let me put the whole old version of the show versus the new version of the show into perspective:
I miss Cameron, it saddens me not to see her like I used to. It doesn't sour me towards the show on a whole but try to put yourself into my situation. Imagine if Cuddy or Wilson disappeared and became an afterthought, bought out for 2 seconds every couple weeks. It would suck. I know a lot of people would be happy if it was just the House/Cuddy/Wilson show and that's great, but please respect the fact that to me House/Cameron/Wilson were the show, and more importantly House/Cameron/Chase/Foreman/Wilson were the show.  I won't whine anymore about it, it's not the reason for the blahness I feel towards the show, it's just something that I was thinking about today.
-----*sigh* Watching "Mob Rules" God it's a great episode.
-----A huge thank you to my dearest [personal profile] bonorattle for listening to me bitch and moan today. I appreciate it more than I can ever put into words.
-----Now onto the entire purpose of this post, the Hugh!picspam. I must express my utmost gratitude to [profile] hughsbeautiful for my new favorite cute picture of Hugh/House

-----'Tis the season to be jolly :) We dressed up our office this week and we feel very festive. I took pictures, check out my stocking, I picked it out specifically.
-Also, public service announcement. I went to our Navy Exchange today and chose 2 children off the "Giving Tree". This is a tradition that we do every single year, we have since I was about 8 years old. If you have any type of program like this I urge you to consider taking part. Parents may be lousy and foolish but it's not the child's fault. And honestly doesn't every child derserve something under the tree at Christmas time?

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-----Let it never be said that my husband doesn't think of me while he's out to see. He calls me at work with this little nugget of "forget-me-not"
So I was on the deck of the ship and another guy looked out across the horizon shouting "Land Ho!", and then I remember I was supposed to call you, my wife!
Yes Sweetie, I love you too. *rolls eyes*

-----If any more new Hugh pictures come out I think I will be rendered mindless. I already sound like a verse from Hugh's "Sophisticated Song" All I can say is FWAH when I see him.
[ profile] m_ouse is just the greatest, a million thank yous to her for this pic and all the others.

Do you think Hubby would be terribly upset if I asked for one of these for Christmas??

-----My office is all decked out in Christmas glory. I will post pics tomorrow.

-----In honor of Hughsday I give you 2 presents of Hugh in a tux behind the cut

A little Tux Love on a Tuesday )

-----In honor of Christmas, here's my version of "The Twelve Days Of Christmas"

On the twelfth day of Christmas, calumfan sent to me...
Twelve kiptripsycs drumming
Eleven moonys piping
Ten angidas a-leaping
Nine houselover226s dancing
Eight m_ouses a-milking
Seven frizzy_lizs a-swimming
Six lenina20s a-reading
Five spa-a-a-aceballs
Four x-files
Three reginald jeeves
Two star wars
...and an anchorman in a fry and laurie.
Get your own Twelve Days:


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