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Here's the second installment of the Epic Harry Potter LOL Picspam as taken from [ profile] ohnotheydidnt

The actual post is located here:

As with before the same statements/warnings apply:

This is an image intesive spam and includes images that may NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK!

I hope you all laugh as hard as I did, the people who made these are quite brilliant!


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As many of you saw last night, the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince traler was released last night.

I was on [ profile] ohnotheydidnt at the time and got caught up in the Epic Harry Potter post (the last I saw it was up to 43 pages) I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself.

The Macros and pictures that were being posted were brilliant. I copied some and felt I had to share. They're like LOL CATs on Harry Potter Crack featuring Snape, Harry, Voldemort and about everyone.

I hope you enjoy :) Nothing like a little levity to brighten the day up!

This is an image intesive spam and includes images that may NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK!


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Happy April 1st everyone.

I’m not much of an April Fools prankster so you don’t have to worry about any misinformation from me. I’ve seen enough misleading articles being passed around the internet already today that I have no desire to pull a fast one on anyone :)

1) I’m still recovering from my weekend out of town. We had a lot of fun. I had prepared myself to write an entire LJ entry regarding it and as soon as I went to type it up, the words just failed to burst forth. Hopefully tonight I will do better, plus I have plenty of pics and videos to share (If you’re interested in that type of thing)

2) I will be heading up to Target on my lunch break today to purchase my copy of Sweeney Todd. I’m so excited. I wasn’t able to view this movie in the theatre because my Hubby wouldn’t go because A) It’s a musical and B) He couldn’t deal with my squeeage over Judge Turpin.

3) While at Universal’s Islands of Adventure I checked out the construction on the new Harry Potter theme park, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. It seems to be coming along rather nicely. The ground has been prepared and construction has begun. They have the area hidden pretty well so I only have a couple pictures and a video that I will post later this evening along with a more detailed description.

4) I am so happy, only 11 more days until I fly up to New Jersey to meet Lindsey/ [ profile] bonorattle I’m pretty sure NJ will never be the same after this.

5) So we’re sitting here talking about obscure/non-popular 80’s movies. Here’s a list of some of them, see how many you’ve seen!

-The Wraith
-Night of the Comet
-Saturday the 14th
-Hiding Out
-My Best Friend is a Vampire
-Fright Night
-Space Camp
-Killer Clowns from Outer Space
-All of Me
-The Incredible Shrinking Woman
-Uncle Buck
-The Great Outdoors
-Under the Rainbow
-Seems Like Old Times
-Cloak and Dagger
-The Monster Squad
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I am going to show my total and complete inner geek wwrite now by freaking out about this news:

Harry Potter The Theme Park

JK Rowling just got a whole lot richer.  She has agreed to a $1 billion Harry Potter theme park to open in Orlando, FL in 2009. The theme park will be part of Universal Orlando.
It will be called "Wizarding World of Harry Potter." It will feature locations featured in the book as well as rides and shops.  
JK said, he plans "I've seen look incredibly exciting, and I don't think fans of the books or films will be disappointed."


I am seriously freaking out.  I live in Florida and heard that Universal may do a Harry Potter ride but this, WOW, just WOW.  We have season passes through 2009 and will be renewing.  What a Coop for Universal Studios.  I can't wait.

Ok, fangirl has rested now.....


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