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How do you bake a cake full of win??

Add Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry with a dash of John Cleese. Bake on 350 for 45 minutes. Best served fresh out of the oven.

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Thanks for all the things you have done and continue to do.

Here’s a little picture tribute to the smile that makes us all swoon


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Happy Tuesday!

I’m feeling extraordinarily random today and want some pic!spams so stay tuned after my ramblings for the hotness. (Or skip down to it, you know, whatever lol.)

1) I finished watching "The End of the Affair" last night; it was a truly beautiful movie. Not only was the acting superb but the storyline especially at the end was fabulous.

-It’s a story of love, jealousy, devotion and faith, although the religious undertones do not beat you about the head.

-Of course while watching it, Hubby was in the room and flat out said (during one of the numerous graphic love scenes) "Is this a freaking porno??" He never fails to make me laugh.

2) Speaking of the aforementioned movie above, I’ve decided to read the novel from which it was based.

-I find the writer Graham Greene fascinating. His early works were known for their Catholic undertones although he did not live his life according to the faith.

-This little tidbit intrigued me the most as found on Wikipedia:

He supplemented his novelist's income with freelance journalism, book and film reviews for “The Spectator” and co-editing the magazine "Night and Day" which folded in 1937 shortly after Greene's film review of "Wee Willie Winkie" featuring nine-year-old Shirley Temple, cost the magazine a lost libel lawsuit. Greene's review claimed that Temple displayed "a certain adroit coquetry which appealed to middle-aged men"; it is now considered one of the first criticisms of the sexualisation of children for entertainment.

-My boss and I had been discussing this exact topic today because she had a very young daughter and I have a step daughter who just reached teenage status. There is a certain innocence that I had at this age that is gone today.

3) I’m training in another department today after lunch. Heaven help me, I’ll be away from my PC. *cries*

4) I really wish my leg would stop vibrating under my desk. I haven’t even had that much caffeine today.

5) This Promo picture owns my soul. It’s absolutely gorgeous on an artistic level to me. So much emotion and meaning transpires here:


6) On with the important stuff, the pic!spam’s!! I am dedicating these to some of my favorite lovely ladies on my F-list.

-For [ profile] bonorattle some Greg House. You need so Hugh lovin’ to make it through tonight!
-For [ profile] color_me_verde I give you Alan Rickman as "The Interrogator" from Closetland. I know I promised you this a while ago, I’m here to deliver!
-For [ profile] flyingpigs_live Here’s some Jason Isaacs. I don’t want another question as to where he is lol! *hugs*

The Holy Trinity of British Men )
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1) I'm watching "Blades of Glory" on HBO tonight and I have no idea why. I'm such a dork because damn it, it makes me laugh. Shoot me now.

-Damn it if my neighbor's son doesn't look like Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) right down to the gaping mouth with the teeth that hang out.

2) This photo made my day:


-I need to marry Jennifer Morrison, she is flawless.

3) My husband called me last night expounding on the brilliance of Stephen Fry and his podcast.

-Apparently all my gushing about how amazing and smart Stephen is was lost on Hubby. No, he took it upon himself last evening to tell ME that after listening to the podcast that he had never "Heard anyone speak with such eloquence and sound so smart" oh and that Stephen "Has an unbeliveable vocabulary in addition to being very funny"

-Gee, I've only been telling you that forever honey! Bless his heart though, he's now a total Stephen Fry fanboy!!

4) Do you want to know the definition of FAIL?

-Having to carry a 55 pound dead weight sleeping child from your car to the house in an absolute nightmarish rain and wind storm. SUCKED

5) I always see people do the "Friday Fiver" questions. I decided to do my own "Friday 5" with a twist.

-My Friday 5 will be a pic!spam of 5 hotties either in or out of character.

Welcome to my Inaugural Friday 5

Ian from Flight of the Phoenix, Michael Caffee from Brotherhood, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, Wolverine from The X-Men and Indiana Jones

Nothing like a little eye candy for the weekend )
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As tagged by [ profile] bonorattle
List 10 fictional characters you wouldn't kick out of bed (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.

I tag some new members of my flist [ profile] so_severus, [ profile] ilovemeganm, [ profile] flyingpigs_live, [ profile] joanie_dearest5 and [ profile] monicarnsg

I am trying desperately for these all not to be some incarnation of Hugh :)

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Too much coffee already today which means EPIC POST AHEAD!

1) I missed out on the whole “Interview” meme so I decided to make a variation of my own.

Comment to this post with a question or questions for me. I will answer it and the rest in my next post

2) My son went to school today.

I got him dressed and then asked, “Are you ready to go to school baby?”

He hoped up, turned off the TV and to the front door while waving and saying “Bye”

Thank God because I really didn’t want to get a phone call today stating that he needed to go home.

3) I want to go to see “Iron Man” but I can’t until the 24th. *pouts* But I wanna go now!!

4) I have decided that Pretzels are the world’s perfect food.

5) This is exactly what crosses my mind when I have to go fill up at the gas station:


Speaking of which, how exactly do those older contests that boasted “Free Gas For Life” work now? Those companies are probably going bankrupt with fuel being almost $4.00/gallon.

6) I have to go shopping for my boss’s birthday tonight and for Mother’s Day. My hubby bought me this for Mother’s Day!

Street kings

He truly loves me don’t ya think?

7) Hugh on Craig Ferguson rules all. He’s beyond adorable especially when he’s relaxed and comfortable. I love the “playful” Hugh.


Thanks to [ profile] marykir for the screencap

8) This video made me snarfle and yes I know in this state it’s not entirely difficult to do it but still. I’ve never seen Daniel Craig be so funny before.

Yeah I’ve seen him naked and I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed. lol
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I've had a bad and depressing day with having to go through the funeral and all so a little hottness is just what the doctor ordered. Would you all mind in cheering me up?

Let's do a different type of picture meme. Here is my mission if you choose to accept it:

In the comments to this post please insert a picture of your favorite hotties. Only one picture per individual.

If you want, post this in your journal and see what your friends have to offer.

Be a pal and brighten up someone's day with a little eye candy :)

Now since the majority of my friends are Hugh Laurie/Alan Rickman fans please post a picture of either or both of them but also include someone else!
PS: Obviously this thread will be picture intensive (or at least I hope!)

Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all> )
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There is entirely too much beauty and sexiness in this picture. It cannot be contained.

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All I can say is THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!

I trust and hope that you all will have a lovely weekend (Or enjoy what’s left of the weekend for some of you)

1) I honestly can’t understand how this is a good idea:

Teri Hatcher will show off her singing skills when she performs on America charity fundraiser "Idol Gives Back" next week. The Desperate Housewives star will hit the high notes on the mini-telethon.

The New York Daily News reports the actress will perform Carrie Underwood’s "Before He Cheats" with co-star James Denton and Hugh Laurie’s celebrity group The Band From TV.

Now I’m not trying to be rude here because I’m sure she can sing a heck of a lot better than me but ………

A) I’ve seen the video of the last time she performed with the band and it wasn’t horrible but still.

B) I want coverage about how awesome the band is, not about Teri Hatcher singing. There hasn’t been a mention really in mainstream media about BFTV performing but now that she’s involved it’s all over the place. Hugh, Greg and the rest are great; why not give them credit where credit is due.

C) She’s singing a CARRIE UNDERWOOD song. I’m sorry Teri, you are no Carrie Underwood. This has the possibility of being cringe worthy and will reflect poorly upon the band.

This sums up my feelings perfectly:

2) Holy Crap!! All I can say is if you have a PS3 or Blu-Ray disc player buy all your movies from They always have them on sale and have that free super shipper shipping price for orders over $25.00. New releases are usually 30% off.

3) How sad is it that my best friend since I was 10 and I are planning a “Bopper” (Don’t ask, it was our group’s nickname from school) reunion for the soon to be announced New Kids on the Block Reunion tour. *facepalm*

-Yes I am THAT hopeless.


4) I think I’m going to add “Serial Mom” and “American Psycho” to my never ending Netflix queue. I think I’m up to 57 movies in there now.

-Yeah I know, that was random but do you expect anything less form me? :)

5) I’m sad that there aren’t any pictures of Hugh at the Street Kings premiere. From everything I've read (the press releases and such) I believe he was expected to show. Maybe commitments to "House" kept him from being there or that he was late.

-One week everyone and we get to see him on the big screen!!!!

6) I was fiddling around a little bit with the set up of the Alan Rickman community [ profile] alanbunnies and was using our Hugh Laurie community [ profile] hughbunnies as a guide. I stumbled upon the fact that we now have 219 Members O_O. Needless to say I am absolutely floored at the response.

-[ profile] bonorattle Can you believe it!!! Our little community made from adoration and love. I couldn’t be prouder *hugs*

7) This is how life seems to feel on a daily basis and it made me LOL so hard.
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I am just miserable this week so to cheer myself I've decided the best course of action is to find things that make me smile.

So let's see.....Hugh Grant in Love Actually:

For [ profile] bonorattle who wanted to see if Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman can actually sing. I have to say that this scene was so suspenseful. Sweeney Todd is literally giddy with anticipation

When don’t I need a little bit of Hugh to make the day a little better?


Hugh save me from the monotony! )

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I posted an Alan pic!spam over at [ profile] alanbunnies
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Vote for Hugh as TV Guide's Sexiest Curmudgeon

Also, Cameron is up for Sexiest Smart Chick so please vote for her too if you are so inclined
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For my darling [ profile] nicolejacks and all the other [ profile] hughbunnies who miss Hugh as much as I do!


A little Hughness never hurt anybody :D )
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Guess who’s caffeinated??

I know these are [ profile] bonorattle’s favorite types of posts, the ones when I am hyped up and deliciously random. Because of this, I have brought out her favorite icon which is a pretty good representation of how I feel right now.

1) I can’t seem to turn off my brain today and the sensor on my “appropriate things to say while at work” seems to be broken.
-Blurting out "I hate this fucking computer" is probably not the smartest idea nor is asking permission to stab someone who laughs like a hyena.
-I do get bonus points for causing my boss to christen her desk with water after one of my more "compelling" statements regarding the stunted mental capacity of some humans.

2)If I read one more headline that shouts: HUGH LAURIE EXPERIMENTED WITH VICODIN one more time I think I may really go on that stabbing spree.

-The caffeine today has already made me shanky, I don’t need the stupidity of the press to tip me over the edge. Seriously, how old is this information? 2 years? Maybe even 3? --HE ADMITED TO TAKING ONE PILL PEOPLE!! IT WAS ONE PILL ONCE!! *facepalm* I give up.

3) Speaking of Hugh. How adorable is he as Dr. Cockroach in the poster for "Monsters VS. Aliens" ?


-It's not like I'm all hot and bothered over the cockroach or anything especially because a) that would be slightly creepy and b) it IS a cockroach! If you’ve ever encountered one you know that they are gross but he does make that nasty little (sometimes huge) insect much more tolerable.
-If only the ones that run rampant in Florida were voiced by a smooth British Gentleman.

4) This has, by far, become one of my favorite pictures and I can’t place a finger on why. I view it like a piece of art; it’s just gorgeous and humbling at the same time. (Wait, does that even make sense. Oh who the hell cares! I love the picture)


5) I love asparagus. Is that strange?

6) It always astounds me that I can still misspell the same words on an email that I send out daily. What’s even worse is that the word "Competitive" has to be typed out twice and the 1st time I get it right; the 2nd time, not so much.

7) The dress I bought that I spoke of my last entry. [ profile] nicolejacks wanted a look at it. Not the greatest picture but it’s scrunchy at the top and flowy at the bottom.


OK, I’ll stop babbling now, I think the caffeine is starting to wear off, OFF TO GET MORE!!!

PS- I love you all! Photobucket
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We seriously need some new House episodes as I feel that my brain is starting to short circuit. I've been watching entirely too many movies, especially "Sense and Sensibility" but I digress.

Happy Birthday to my darling Alan Rickman. In addition to Hugh, Alan needs to be my future Baby Grand Daddy

I bringeth a birthday pic!spam that includes dear Hugh as Mr. Palmer because how could I leave him out??!!

Special thanks to the Alan fans at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt and to [profile] decivitatedei for a number of these pics.

More here. (Never allow me to get bored or posts like these happen) )
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 I'm afraid to say that I really am not feeling in the Christmas spirit, I have no idea why. I'm just kind of blah; I'm tired, unmotivated and uninspired. That within itself sucks majorly but when you add that Christmas is a scant few days away, that sucks big giant monekey balls!!

I have to give the largest of shout outs to all the lovelies on my flist that have sent me a Christmas card, it's so numerous Im afraid to list you all in case I forget a name out of my sheer stupidity. Let me just say that I am forever grateful and will be thinking of you all each time I look up at my entrance way (Where the cards are taped up)

Congrats to the amazing Hugh Laurie for garnering yet another award nomination, this time a SAG. Good news in addition to his nomination is that although the Golden Globes and Oscars have not been pitied by the WGA, the SAG awards have been granted a waiver and the show will go on :)

These pictures have gone above and beyond making my day!

And can I close this entry by saying to my lovely [personal profile] bonorattle and [profile] starleigh 
I don't know what I have done correctly in my life to deserve your friendships (and all my flist for that matter) but I am forever grateful for you. I love you :)

My Christmas presents from these lovely ladies:
Jasper from  [personal profile] bonorattle and the beautiful Hugh and Stephen at Cambridge mug from [profile] starleigh

A goodnight/good morning to you all and thank you for everything :D
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First Happy Birthday wishes go out to [ profile] beebee_159 you are such a dear and a great cheerleader for my works in the fiction arena :)

In celebration I give you (and us all) Mr. Palmer pic!spam

More adorableness this way :) )
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It's snowing in Pittsburgh! Come on, like 5 minutes before the Steelers/Jags gamestarted. SO NOT FAIR!!!!

Must cheer myself up with pictures of Hugh and his puppy as borrow from the darling [ profile] chilibreath

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A puppy always makes it better!

Go Jaguars :)
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I know everyone knows this already but I've got to celebrate in my LJ too!

Hugh Laurie and House MD have received Golden Globe nominations this year :)

Thanks to [ profile] unaloveshugh here is a complete list of nominees. The categories are pretty tight and interesting this year.


Now I'm just going to be totally fangirly and squee also over Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Sweeney Todd, Keira Knightly, John C Reilly and my other favorite nominee of all DAVID DUCHOVNY!

Of course there is ramblings that there may be no stars at the Golden Globe Awards show if the Writers Strike isn't over. The SAG is throwing it's support behind the writers and several stars say they will not show up:

The Hollywood writers' strike seems certain to impact the big awards shows, with picket lines under consideration at both the Golden Globes and the Oscars—and few stars willing to cross them, reports Daily Variety. The Golden Globes nominations will be announced tomorrow. The Writers Guild of America is unlikely to grant a waiver to members to write a script for the January 13 awards show. "You've got a guy like George Clooney, who has been outspoken and has given money to a strike fund. If he gets nominated for Michael Clayton, it's very difficult to imagine him crossing a picket line," said a producer. But one publicist said: "What good will the writers accomplish by picketing shows that celebrate their fellow artists?"

The WGA has given a waiver for the SAG awards however especially since the members of SAG have been so supportive of the writers cause.

Now since I did a timely Hugh!picspam yesterday feautring Hugh in a Tux at Award Shows, I have decided today I shall celebrate the gorgeous and talented David Duchovny because Agent Mulder ruled!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More yumminess of the David kind behind the cut :) )
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It's Humpday and guess who i wanna hump :P

Before the pics, go here and vote for whether you miss the Ducklings or not:

Time for the weekly Humpday Hugh!picspam!

Today I bring you Hugh in a tux because honestly NO MAN rocks a tux like Hugh!
The usual disclaimer, if you suffer heart conditions, back problems, seizures, high blood pressure, spontaneous combustion or prone to light headedness when presented with beauty of the male persuasion then I suggest you not view this!

Various sources including


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So excited today, this Hughsday episode is "Merry Little Chritmas" Hands down this episode is in my Top 3.  Hugh is amazing, no wait, that's too weak of a word, Hugh is an absolute revelation in this episode. The various stages and emotions he conveys is beyond belief. Plus my favorite House/Cameron moment occurs here.

I believe I have finally for the most part recovered from my mental collapse last week. I am motivated to do more than just care for my son and myself. The house is coming together, presents are getting wrapped (and sent out), cards are finished, and most importantly bills have been paid.

I bought Sense and Sensibility on Sunday and Love Actually (hence the icon) I have loved the first movie since it came out on screen, not to mention that pesky character actor in there, what's his name again? MR. Palmer....Hugh Something.  I've never seen Love Actually, I can't wait to view it.

I'm a little late to the table with this but I am in absolute shock that our little community that could [community profile] hughbunnies is up above 100 members now. To say that I am in awe and appreciative would be an understatement.

Onto the meme. As taken from [profile] angidas 
12 Things That Make Me Happy

1) The laughter from my child. Nothing will ever compare to that sound.
2) The unbridled joy on a child's face the first time you take them to Walt Disney World.
3) Laying in bed with my husband with my head resting on that spot beneath his shoulder. I fit perfectly there.
4) My family, they may drive me crazy but I am fortunate to be related to such wonderful people.
5) My friends (in person or over LJ) 
6) Having fun and gushing over Hugh Laurie. Is it silly, yes but also so much fun. Not to mention he's so easy to gush over.
7) Writing, it may seem like an odd thing to be happy over but nothing matches the feeling of accomplishment that occurs when you put sweat and tears into a passage and people compliment you on how much they love it.
8) My dogs and cats. Pure, unadulterated love from something that doesn't ask for really anythjing in return goes a long way.
9) Christmas
10) Being blessed with an amazing life that at times I seem to be unappreciative of but that I shall try never to take for granted again.


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