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There is entirely too much beauty and sexiness in this picture. It cannot be contained.

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Vote for Hugh as TV Guide's Sexiest Curmudgeon

Also, Cameron is up for Sexiest Smart Chick so please vote for her too if you are so inclined
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Yeah I know that everone has seen the Hugh Laurie at LAX pics from December 6th but I have to show one again. 
I have been asked many times what my favorite incarnation of Hugh is and it's always been clean shaven, British Hugh. 

And these pictures of the beautiful Jennifer Morrison pwn me for life:
Thanks to which is where I received them from:

Too Hot For Words........................... (I think I heard [profile] thisxrandomxlie hit the floor)

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It’s Wednesday, you know what that means, Hugh!picspam. Today’s edition will be a little different in honor of [ profile] maybebaby1280’s birthday. You’re a kinky little hottie and you know it, luvs you lots! ;)

Before the main event, you’re going to have to sit through a few ramblings on my part.

A) My deepest and sincerest appreciation to all of my flist for putting up with my behavior the past few days. I try not to talk about/dwell/complain about my daily life. I’m not one to seek out and burden people with my problems. That being said, I apologize for any stress or worry I may have caused. I love you all.
-I won’t wax poetic and go into lengthy explanations but I did go to my doctor today, I was put back on my medicine, got lab results, discussed what’s going on inside me and am on a path to bettering myself in the long run.

B) Dear Fuel Company X: When I call you a simple question as to whether or not you have our draft information for Friday available yet it is a waste of time/money/resources to create a help desk ticket with the simple purpose to give me this information. Furthermore, does the said help ticket really need to travel through 3 departments before reaching the proper destination Accounts Receivable. Common sense dictates that if I’m looking for information regarding money your company is going to RECEIVE from mine, then you would go straight to the department whose job is to keep track of the money your company RECEIVES! /endrant

C) When did women not only get so disgusting but also stupid? In the past month we have had numerous issues with our bathroom system stemming from the ladies facilities. Apparently the bright neon green signs in every stall and on the exit door that state “Do Not Flush Any Feminine Hygiene Products down the Toilets at Any Time” are not enough. A company wide memo has now had to go out re-iterating this fact. Silly me, I learned in 5th grade that pads with adhesive should never be flushed. And did I mention my office only has like 20 people in it? *facepalm*

D) I promised [ profile] bonorattle that I will watch Part 1 of “All or Nothing At All” tonight. Pray for me people because I’m still recovering from Jools and she states that Leo is twice as deadly. My “dream Hugh” in the flesh. *whimpers*

E) I’m going to my first “Brown Bag” party on Saturday. I’m nervous, I know they’re supposed to be a lot of fun but regardless of my behavior on here, I am a shy one, easily given to blushing.

F) Stephen Fry is still the most amazing man alive.

G) Sun Chips Honey Graham flavored are sweet, low fat, lower carb crack.

H) Onward with the Humpday Hugh!picspam special edition for [ profile] maybebaby1280’s birthday featuring Jennifer Morrison as Cameron.
The usual disclaimer, heart, lungs, brain combustion avoid at all costs………..and if you can’t handle some House/Cameron/Jennifer hotness
Happy Birthday, love Hugh! )
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Jennifer cast in a movie
Jennifer has been offered and accepted a role in the new Star Trek movie. THere are pictures of her on the set. Her management has confirmed that she has a role in the film.

No word yet on her role but there are several possibilities floating around.

Click on the link for the info:

I am so excited for her!

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Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, I wish I could say I bring tidings of good cheer but......HEY I'm giving you Mikerowe!picspam.

-I'm tired today but talking to [personal profile] bonorattle makes it worth staying on the phone for 2+ hours. She's going to be my lifeline while Hubby is away, hell she's my lifeline when he's home. He even calls her my "Mistress" (he means that lovingly of course!)

-The weather change here is going to kill me, my sinuses are clogged and throat on fire. This week it's in the 60s and next week back to almost the 80s. Plenty of hot chocolate and chicken broth will be consumed.

-I have 2 shout outs to give today because the response I/we have received is amazing:
1) Thank you to all of you who have read my fic "Epiphany" This has become my favorite story I've written and your comments and encouragement have been absolute love.
2) [community profile] hughbunnies since it hatched has grown wings and expanded beyond belief. We're up to 69 members! (And yes, insert your own joke here, you naughty, naughty women)

-Went to Kohl's yesterday and bought the most kick ass pair of boots. I plan to get anothe pair this weekend so I will have both of these......

-Does anyone know about this??
Jennifer Morrison Cast In Star Trek movie?
 They have a picture from the on the link below:

-Finally, for the fans of Mike Rowe and Dirty jobs I present thee with MikeRowe!picspam
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It's almost 3am and I am still awake, I guess this is what happens when you don't eat al day, don't take your meds and drink a bottle of Mountain Dew at midnight.

1) Need to wave *Hi* to all new members and old (well not older but less new) members of my flist, welcome to my insanity!!

2) Just got off the phone with [personal profile] bonorattle we literally killed the battery on her home phone.  Of course this was after she literally killed the battery on her cell phone with [profile] starleigh 

2a) I have now learned that I have free 24/7 long distance with my Comcast phone plan AND free 3-way calling.  Yeah no good is going to come from this nugget of information, I expect many 3-ways while hubby is away at work ;)

3) Plans are being laid for forthcoming trips with friends, I am so excited I can't wait!!  Girls Weekends Hooray!!!!

4) My dear friend Michelle had her baby yesterday, Kianna Marie, I got to see her today and brought my son to the hospital.  He was a riot and brought tears to my eyes when he had this exchange with my sister who was holding Kianna
Sis: Mikey do you want to see the baby
Mikey: Please 
Sis: Be careful, be gentle
Mikey: *leans down and gently touches the baby's hair*

Yeah my heart melted. I even held Kianna which was scary because even though I have a child,Mikey was in the ICU for 10 days before I was able to hold him, I've never held a "newborn"

5) I must apologize for all recent emo or cryptic posts. Sometimes I have a hard time and speak before I think or fully comprehend the situation. I've deleted them, I wasn't looking for drama or being an attention junkie, just a knee-jerk reaction to information that when the dust settles I realize I have done something too rashly. So here's the big apology:

I promise to keep my emotions in check and not post anything cryptic that may cause undue stress or worry on anyone in my flist. I love you all more than you know and I just feel horrible.

6) I have to add these because dang it, "Guardian angels" was love

By the amazing [profile] colorofangels

7) Not to mention the pics of Hugh from the Oct 17th presser

By the utterly amazing [profile] u_fisch
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 I had an incredibly witty and well thought out entry typed out earlier and then the damn IE locked up on my and I lost it all.  I am not even bothering to retype it all. Suffice to say, here are the highlights......

1) Read [personal profile] blueheronz 's story "Where you will find me" it is amazing and after reading it, all my writing seems like absolute crap.  It is just a beautiful work of fiction.

2) My bad writing brings me to mention an interesting (I enjoyed it) community I found today.  One I hope I never appear on , if you are so inclined, visit [profile] house_mst it is just unbelievable!

3) Why do stupid people insist on breathing? I can't express the hatred I feel when I am attempting to do my job when others in positions more lucretive never seem to earn their keep.  HEY, I AM A BUTTON PUSHER, YOU GET PAID THE BIG BUCKS.  EARN IT!!!

4) There is an amazing collection of JMo pics at [profile] house_daily, my Jenn!picspam will pale in comparison but hey, it's worth a shot!

5) Lastly, I'm sending much love and hugs out to [personal profile] bonorattle, [personal profile] smurphy487, and [profile] nicolejacks because they are lovely and I just want to goomp them all.  As always I love my whole flist but sometimes people need a little extra love and I'm giving it to them :D
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Good morning my darlings, I trust you all had a wonderful weekend.  I'm back today and tomorrow but will be gone until Sunday night.  I hope to be able to post a little but can't guarentee it. God willing I'll be able to work on my entry to [profile] hc_smut_a_thon I've written a bit for it.

But I digress, onto the memes and picspam!

Stolen or tagged by [personal profile] bonorattle

(I realized something about myself doing this, I LOVE to laugh)

4 movies you can always watch
Office Space
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Anchorman-The Legend of Ron Burgandy
Any of the original Star Wars movies
Obligatory mention: Just about anything with Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Will Farrell

4 shows you like to watch
House MD
Family Guy
South Park
Obligatory mention: Jeeves and Wooster/ A Bit of Fry and Laurie

4 websites you visit daily

4 favorite foods
Chicken wings

4 places you'd like to be now
With Hugh Laurie (wherever he may be...)*keeping this Linds*
Someplace tropical
In bed asleep with my puppies and kitties
In bed with Hugh Laurie snuggling tight!
Top 5 Not-So-Cool Meme
1)Living in Florida with the exception of being able to go to theme parks all the time.
2)Having to watch your son and husband face medical disorders that you cannot save them from
3)Being responsible to fix errors caused by illiterate and/or inbred managers.
4)Being a grown up and having debt up to your eyeballs.
5)Not living close by to family and friends that I hold dear to my heart!
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Before I get to the now traditonal Monday Jenn!picspam, let me get this out of the way....

Holy Shit, they finally took Britney's kids away!!!!
TMZ is reporting that a judge just stripped Britney Spears of custody of her two kids and has awarded full custody to KFed temporarily. The judge ruled that KFed "is to retain physical custody of the minor children on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 12:00 PM until further order of the court."
As a mother myself I would never wish this on anyone, but from what has played out in front of our eyes, I can't say i disagree with the court. She was photographed driving with the boys in the car without a valid driving licsense in ANY state *facepalm*

Now on with the Jenn!picspam 

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 1. A bout of Red Tide and a Nor'Easter combined together do NOT equal a fun time.  Allergies and breathing have been pretty difficult this weekend and I don't even live right at the beach.

2. I love a rain storm, I DO NOT love a miserable, gray, windy, on/off rainstorm.  It sucks.

3. Don't pay attention to cooking instructions on a prepared uncooked whole chicken, always call mom instead.  The package said, cook @ 350 for 25-30 minutes.  Yeah they probably should have mentioned the fact that it's 25-30 PER POUND!

4. I now have severe crushes not only on Hugh Laurie, but also Jennifer Morrison and Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. Expect Jenn!picspam on Mondays, Hugh!picspam on Wednesdays and Mike!picspam on Fridays.

5. I miss my husband horribly, and love him more than I realized. I thought with him out to sea I would get some work around the house done and plenty of fic writing accomplished.  Yeah, that hasn't happened.  Without him here apparently I have no inspiration or capacity to feel characters like I should.  I want to stay in bed all day and just hug and kiss my son all day long.

6. HDTV fuckin' rules!!!! Guh, I thought watching Hugh on House was amazing in HD and then I got to watch the NFL today.  I bow down to the HD gods
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Why is it on what I consider a National Holiday for me (House Premiere) do I have to come home to a fucked up home and messages on the voice mail.

1) I want to make rice, mushrooms and cream of mushroom soup for my son and I for dinner.  No sense in making huge meals, it's just he and I.  Get al the pots out, got the rice going and the mushrooms sauteing.  

Guess what?!


2) Check the messages and find one from our insurance company stating I need to call them IMMEDIATELY.  Huh?  Hubby talked to them over a month ago.  I call, yeah, apparently they haven't deducted our insurance payment since July.  Ummm what about the person Hubby talked to.  Oh well he took the credit card information but never processed the payment.  

If I don't pay like $350.00 by October 1st our insurance is gone. Yeah because I have that much laying around. *facepalm* Had to put it on a credit card and now the payments will automatically come out again starting Nov.  And the original asshole that hubby talked to couldn't manage this?

3) Receive an urgent message from the doctors office, very cryptic message.  "We need you to call central appointments immediately."  Oh God, did something come up bad on my blood tests? Is my thyroid screwed up or any number of things.  I called immediately after I hang up with the insurance agent.

Me: Hi I received a message stating I needed to call immediately for an appointment.  It was rather cyrptic, was there something wrong with my tests?

Nurse: Let's see....Oh we need to schedule you with a nutritionist.

Me: Huh?! That's it, I requested that appointment weeks ago and already have an appointment.

Nurse: Oh, so do you need me to schedule one?

Me: Uh no, thanks for everything.


4) I just burned my mushrooms and my heart rate is sky high. 

Is it 9pm yet?  Because Momma has a son to put to bed and a $25.00 bottle of wine chilling just for the occasion.  Just Hugh and I :)

And for my dear [profile] thisxrandomxlie and other Jennifer Morrison fans, here's a little Jennifer!picspam because even if she isn't on tonight, she's there in spirit!

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In honor of Season 3 coming out on DVD this Tuesday containing the much coveted Season 3 blooper reel, I give you today's edition of Hugh Laurie loveliness.

I present to you........

Season 2's blooper reel.

Yes we've all seen it before but come on, it's funny. I love the whole friggin' cast I swear. RSL with the "I have no idea what play I'm in" comment as JMo laughs gets me every time. Jesse and the "You'll die!" and don't get me started on Hugh especially the multiple riffs with Jesse.


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