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So we're kicking back watching Transformer in HD and I'm cliping coupons. I hear this voice and I'm like, "Honey rewind that scene to the teacher. I know that voice!!" 

He rewinds it and YES it's Taub from House aka Peter Jacobson.

He's so funny in his bit part (quite a number of lines too) I love him. And he has hair and classes. Perfect Science or whatever subject teacher.

I tried to find the scene or even a picture but sadly I couldn't find one.

Sorry for my squeeage. I just wasn't expecting it. Kind of like when I was watching "A Fish Called Wanda" and in the end Stephen Fry appeared. Shocked the hell out of me :)
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I think I have about died tonight!!!!!!!

I just don't have any words except I hope and pray this is true!!!!!

I will place this under the cut just in case people don't want to know!

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I am going to show my total and complete inner geek wwrite now by freaking out about this news:

Harry Potter The Theme Park

JK Rowling just got a whole lot richer.  She has agreed to a $1 billion Harry Potter theme park to open in Orlando, FL in 2009. The theme park will be part of Universal Orlando.
It will be called "Wizarding World of Harry Potter." It will feature locations featured in the book as well as rides and shops.  
JK said, he plans "I've seen look incredibly exciting, and I don't think fans of the books or films will be disappointed."


I am seriously freaking out.  I live in Florida and heard that Universal may do a Harry Potter ride but this, WOW, just WOW.  We have season passes through 2009 and will be renewing.  What a Coop for Universal Studios.  I can't wait.

Ok, fangirl has rested now.....


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