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It’s Wednesday, it’s Humpday and it’s almost the beginning of the Holiday season (well for me at least. Some it started after Halloween)


-I’ve decided for my own enjoyment of watching House that I am probably not going to read NON-FRIEND Metas. I respect all my flist's thoughts on the show. But after a while of reading so many written by people I don't know, the complaining about House can get to be a bit much. It’s nothing against anyone who posts one; I just don’t want my view of the show to be skewed by someone else’s opinion. I for one am loving House right now and hate to read about people’s disappointment in the episode. Compared to last year which I would like to wipe the memory of Season 3 (well except for Half-Wit and Merry Little Christmas) from my memory all together, Season 4 is amazing.


-Received multiple calls from [ profile] bonorattle J last night; she was having a great time at the DMB show. She has another one tonight. She held the phone up so I could hear, it was amazing. She says she misses everyone  


-Need some opinions. As you all know my son is Autistic and it is super difficult to buy any presents for him at Christmas and his birthday. We have a lot of family that likes to get him something, but he doesn’t play with “toys” or anything like that. Hubby and I have decided to purchase a swing set and bike for presents. Christmas is obviously on 12/25 and his birthday is 1/11. Is it wrong to ask for money towards his swing set instead receiving gifts?


-Don’t forget to send me your address to if you would like to receive a little holiday cheer. I will be starting on Christmas Cards next week.


-I think I need psychological help, I am already super psyched for next Friday’s shopping extravaganza. Black Friday is a national holiday to me J


-Oh yeah, I guess everyone’s waiting for this huh. I tried to give a good variation on Hugh's different looks, all of which are adorable! J

Click here for Hugh!picspam celebrating Hugh himself )
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Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, I wish I could say I bring tidings of good cheer but......HEY I'm giving you Mikerowe!picspam.

-I'm tired today but talking to [personal profile] bonorattle makes it worth staying on the phone for 2+ hours. She's going to be my lifeline while Hubby is away, hell she's my lifeline when he's home. He even calls her my "Mistress" (he means that lovingly of course!)

-The weather change here is going to kill me, my sinuses are clogged and throat on fire. This week it's in the 60s and next week back to almost the 80s. Plenty of hot chocolate and chicken broth will be consumed.

-I have 2 shout outs to give today because the response I/we have received is amazing:
1) Thank you to all of you who have read my fic "Epiphany" This has become my favorite story I've written and your comments and encouragement have been absolute love.
2) [community profile] hughbunnies since it hatched has grown wings and expanded beyond belief. We're up to 69 members! (And yes, insert your own joke here, you naughty, naughty women)

-Went to Kohl's yesterday and bought the most kick ass pair of boots. I plan to get anothe pair this weekend so I will have both of these......

-Does anyone know about this??
Jennifer Morrison Cast In Star Trek movie?
 They have a picture from the on the link below:

-Finally, for the fans of Mike Rowe and Dirty jobs I present thee with MikeRowe!picspam
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Good morning all and happy November 1st!

I seriously can't believe that it is November already.  My national holiday will be later this month on Friday, November 23 AKA the Friday after Thanksgiving AKA Black Friday AKA Shelly's day of happiness.  I LOVE shopping, like seriously LOVE. It makes me happy, it is a form of therapy.

Retail Therapy, it's a bad addiction.

Thank you all for putting up with my Mommy gushing last night.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and seeing Mikey enjoying himself is a gift within itself.

After the costume madness, in addition to bleaching out my eyes I need a little bit of Hugh


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