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How do you bake a cake full of win??

Add Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry with a dash of John Cleese. Bake on 350 for 45 minutes. Best served fresh out of the oven.

Bones news

Apr. 4th, 2008 10:06 am
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For all my Flist who watch "Bones" check out the spoiler behind the cut as seen at [profile] bitsofstephen:

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 I'm afraid to say that I really am not feeling in the Christmas spirit, I have no idea why. I'm just kind of blah; I'm tired, unmotivated and uninspired. That within itself sucks majorly but when you add that Christmas is a scant few days away, that sucks big giant monekey balls!!

I have to give the largest of shout outs to all the lovelies on my flist that have sent me a Christmas card, it's so numerous Im afraid to list you all in case I forget a name out of my sheer stupidity. Let me just say that I am forever grateful and will be thinking of you all each time I look up at my entrance way (Where the cards are taped up)

Congrats to the amazing Hugh Laurie for garnering yet another award nomination, this time a SAG. Good news in addition to his nomination is that although the Golden Globes and Oscars have not been pitied by the WGA, the SAG awards have been granted a waiver and the show will go on :)

These pictures have gone above and beyond making my day!

And can I close this entry by saying to my lovely [personal profile] bonorattle and [profile] starleigh 
I don't know what I have done correctly in my life to deserve your friendships (and all my flist for that matter) but I am forever grateful for you. I love you :)

My Christmas presents from these lovely ladies:
Jasper from  [personal profile] bonorattle and the beautiful Hugh and Stephen at Cambridge mug from [profile] starleigh

A goodnight/good morning to you all and thank you for everything :D
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It's honestly delightful to sit on my couch and have a mini Stephen Fry Fest. I don't do it nearly often enough, I've got to tell myself that sometimes I need to do something for me. It's odd that his voice and glorious use of language is one of the few things that has a calming effect on me.

I'm starting with the re-run of Bones in which Stephen plays Gordan Gordan Wyatt
-I am now remembering why I was so furious at my husband for deleting Stephen's guest starring role on Bones.

Followed by Part 2 of HIV and Me.
-I cannot recommend this documentary any more strongly. I spoke at length today about it at work. We literally had an hour discussion and I haven't even viewed Part 2 yet. It is a brutally honest, unflinching and caring view of the state of the world in regards to AIDS and how today's youth, as represented by the younger British population, really does not comprehend or seemily care about what unsafe sex/drug use/etc can do to you. It gives you a life sentence, it is NOT glamourous and NO ONE is immune.
*It's especially heartbreaking to watch Stephen with his former partner from his Cambridge days that is now infected and mostly blind due to the disease. 

[personal profile] bonorattle I am running behind my dear, Still finishing Bones. Mikey just went down. It'll be after 10 if that's ok?

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So excited to get a Yahoo Alert letting me know that darling Stephen Fry will be on the Sundance channel @ 5:00pm EST in the USA. 

They will be showing "HIV and Me" Parts 1 & 2 in commemoration of World AIDS Day.

If you have the Sundance Channel I urge everyone to watch this documentary

And please keep all those affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in your thoughts and prayers.

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It's been a while since I posted one of these, I don't know how I could have slipped and stopped posting them.

Here is this edition of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie loveliness and hilarity, Monday Edition..............

I give you: Shakespeare Master Class

It's Baby Stephen and Baby Hugh :)
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I haven't done this in FOREVER but here is an entry under my Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry loveliness section of my LJ. I love the 2 of them together, they are my OTP!

This entry is long and there are 2 videos. These are an interview on The Wogan Show from around 1991 during the airing of "Jeeves and Wooster", they talk about many things and show just the closeness of Stephen and Hugh. This also shows a magic trick and it is total love.


Part 1

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Good afternoon my beautiful Flist, I trust you all are having an amazing day!

Why so cheerful you may ask, I honestly couldn't tell you but I am so I'm here to spread the love :)

So let's get this show on the road.

1) Before the usual nuttiness of my entry please let me extend a super huge Thank you! to all of you on my flist.  You are all the best.  Even though most of us met through our mutual love of Hugh Laurie and House, I can honestly say that the friendship I feel toward you all extends far past that. Yes the man may have brought us together but it's the little things that have cemeted the connection that we have. I look forward to learning more about you and love squeeing in excitement over silly little fangirl things.
You all ROCK!!!!

2) Stephen Fry has posted a new entry to his blog. It's amazing. A completely deep, honest and thoughtful essay on his personal struggles with bi-polar and addiction.  Please run, don't walk to read this entry. I adore Stephen for so many reasons and this has just made the adoration grow so much deeper.  A million thank yous for the link go out to [profile] hughsbeautiful

3) Got my entry in [profile] hc_smut_a_thon complete and on time! That's a very good thing indeed. Seems the muse has come back and I couldn't be happier.

4) Hubby has duty tonight but I'm not fretting, a long "date" with [personal profile] bonorattle is to occur this evening. Plans for conquering the world shall be made! Or probably just the usual non-sensical BS that seem to filterinto our conversations.

5) Now for the Humpday Hugh!picspam. I dedicate this one to the womderal and lovely [personal profile] dil_deal and [profile] hughsbeautiful I know that they like me ADORE Paul Slippery.  Please take precautions as usual before viewing the gorgeousness and most of all, ENJOY!


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A Bit of Fry and Laurie loveliness because, well because they are love!!!!

If you can remember the Calvin Kline "Obsession" perfume ads this will make total sense and even if you haven't it's still pretty damn funny. Plus you get the bonus of seeing Hugh and Stephen swim :)

So for tonights edition of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie loveliness I present to you........

The opening to Season 4

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I just had the honor to watch "Stephen Fry 50 Not Out" and can I just say that I have never been more in awe or enamored with someone as I am with darling Stephen right now.

Please, find this show on Youtube or on a download.  Yes you will get to see Hugh goodness but just also to watch Hugh and others talk so fondly of such a remarkable man.

I wish nothing more than to spread not only my love of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as a pairing but of the accomplishments of the two individual actors as well.  I can receive no greater compliment than what I have the past few days as some of my friends have mentioned that I have turned them onto this duo of brilliant minds.

So to darling Stephen Bravo and Happy Birthday :)

And to all my flist, seriously watch this special!

*steps down from the rooftops I've been shouting from*
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It's been a while since I've done this, about a week but here is the latest edition of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry Loveliness and Hilarity, Monday edition.

I present to you.........Psychic Spoon Bender!!!


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Here is a picture of Stephen at Sir Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball.

Stephen Fry obeyed the ‘white tie and tiara’ invitation to the letter, in white tie with a diamond tiara by Count Alexander von Beregshasy - who did Kate Winslet’s jewels for ‘Titanic’ - nestled in his hair.


Here is the caption provided with the picture:

National institution Stephen Fry and Matt Lucas, the other Little Britain star

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So it's been a while since i've presented some Hugh and Stephen loveliness and hilarity so I'm giving you all 2 videos tonight. It was my intention to write a fic but my hubby has been on the laptop all night and now I'm too tired to complete it.

So here is my Monday edition of Stephen and Hugh loveliness and hilarity.

First I give you "Censors, or Bitch Mother Light My Bottom"

And "Maximum Security Poetry" sketch. Hugh and Stephen's hair are killing me in this one

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I know it's not Christmas time right now but this video is priceless.

Not only is Hugh playing the piano masterfully (Seriously I could watch his hands forever) but him and Stephen playing back up on "The Little Drummer Boy" is just too much. And the Skillets!!! O-O

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

I present to you.........

Christmas Nights with the Stars 12-27-1994 (OMG I was in High School!)

From Vendetta at You Tube

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All I have to say is Hugh Laurie in tights...........

Not to mention this just cracks me up.

I present to you......Tony of Plymouth

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This video is so wrong and so funny at the same time.

From melusinesara
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So I have turned my 12 year old Step Daughter into "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" fan. I have been showing her videos the past couple of days. Here is one of her favorites, we've been singing this song all day.

I present to you......"Where is the Lid" By Hugh "bloody" Laurie.

Brought to you by Kyrasantae

Stephen absolutely kills me during this song.  

It's also a good feeling to introduce a new generation to the greatness of Fry and Laurie.  She's already obsessed with the show "House" and watches Jeeves and Wooster with me.
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I'm not quite sure how I've never seen this before but I seriously was laughing so hard I was crying.

I said play it BITCH

Just effing brilliant........

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Here is a new thing I feel like doing, I am going to post daily (well almost daily) Stephen Fry or Hugh Laurie videos. They are both so talented. I hope you enjoy.

I decided to start with Stephen Fry and his sketch about his own loveliness. It's brilliant.

I take request too!


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