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How do you bake a cake full of win??

Add Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry with a dash of John Cleese. Bake on 350 for 45 minutes. Best served fresh out of the oven.

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I was floating around youtube and stumbled across this video.

I'm dedicating it to [ profile] flyingpigs_live because she tells me I don't have enough fucking Jason Isaacs lol. I <3 you

And for all my F-list who love Mr. Isaacs.

This is a video compiling some moments from Brotherhood Season 1. It's definitely Not Safe For Work and not just because of the violence, you'll know why at about 53 seconds into the show.

I think I have a defect in me, usually violence bothers me but damn, not anymore lol.
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Too much coffee already today which means EPIC POST AHEAD!

1) I missed out on the whole “Interview” meme so I decided to make a variation of my own.

Comment to this post with a question or questions for me. I will answer it and the rest in my next post

2) My son went to school today.

I got him dressed and then asked, “Are you ready to go to school baby?”

He hoped up, turned off the TV and to the front door while waving and saying “Bye”

Thank God because I really didn’t want to get a phone call today stating that he needed to go home.

3) I want to go to see “Iron Man” but I can’t until the 24th. *pouts* But I wanna go now!!

4) I have decided that Pretzels are the world’s perfect food.

5) This is exactly what crosses my mind when I have to go fill up at the gas station:


Speaking of which, how exactly do those older contests that boasted “Free Gas For Life” work now? Those companies are probably going bankrupt with fuel being almost $4.00/gallon.

6) I have to go shopping for my boss’s birthday tonight and for Mother’s Day. My hubby bought me this for Mother’s Day!

Street kings

He truly loves me don’t ya think?

7) Hugh on Craig Ferguson rules all. He’s beyond adorable especially when he’s relaxed and comfortable. I love the “playful” Hugh.


Thanks to [ profile] marykir for the screencap

8) This video made me snarfle and yes I know in this state it’s not entirely difficult to do it but still. I’ve never seen Daniel Craig be so funny before.

Yeah I’ve seen him naked and I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed. lol
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Because this is priceless

Daniel Radcliffe on Extras with Ricky Gervais.

Something about him saying, "A ring don't mean a thing" sends me howling with laughter.

Hubby and I constantly go around and say, "No no no no knee" all the time now.

Yeah I know, i need to go to bed, just act like you're laughing with me not at me.

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[ profile] lostforhouse requested the video of Dark Helmet "not" playing with his dolls again.

ps. I think everyone in the world knows someone who would act like this *snort*

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So here I was minding my own business typing up my LJ entry last night and this came on my TV screen.

I can pinpoint the exact moment I lost my ability to be a functional human being......cigarette, mouth, inhaled. It was all downhill from there.

Any questions?

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It's been a while since I posted one of these, I don't know how I could have slipped and stopped posting them.

Here is this edition of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie loveliness and hilarity, Monday Edition..............

I give you: Shakespeare Master Class

It's Baby Stephen and Baby Hugh :)
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Here's a video of HUgh and Lisa picketing with the WGA in a sign of solidarity with the House writers. They are in costume holding signs with some other man. I'm not sure who he is but maybe David Shore?!

A huge thank you to [ profile] moony for the video :)

It's great to see the actors supporting the writers because without them we wouldn't have the wonderfulness that is House MD.
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*snort* *giggle*
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I haven't done this in FOREVER but here is an entry under my Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry loveliness section of my LJ. I love the 2 of them together, they are my OTP!

This entry is long and there are 2 videos. These are an interview on The Wogan Show from around 1991 during the airing of "Jeeves and Wooster", they talk about many things and show just the closeness of Stephen and Hugh. This also shows a magic trick and it is total love.


Part 1

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What Ho and all the other Woosterisms used to greet the new day.

It's Thursday and a lovely cool fall feeling day here in sunny Florida. On with the ramblings...

1) For someone (me) who loothes to talk on the phone, explain how I could possibly talk on the phone for 184 minutes last night with [ profile] bonorattle ? And the frightening thing is right out of the gate mentions of bodily functions and the hilarity of them was discussed.

2) Speaking of Lindsey, if you are EVER invited into a game of "Scrabulous" with her, [ profile] starleigh and [ profile] lostforhouse RUN as far away as possilbe. It is literally impossible to follow up an entry such as "labia" there is NO way.

3) You know it's going to be a glorious day at work when you sit down and start discussing at length the ciinematic masterpiece "Friday" starring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube. I honestly don't think there is a more brilliant movie out there. We've literally spent 30 minutes tossing quotes back and forth. I love my job!

4) The *facepalm* moment of the day goes out to my son's school where I learned they on October 31st are having a "Storybook Character Dress Up Party". I was informed by his teacher that she is not allowed to host a "Halloween Party" in the classroom so instead had to devise this so she can celebrate the holiday and let the kids have a party. Seriously, to we have to remove all the fun from schools for kids?!

5) iPod random 5:
Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks
All ALong The Watch Tower - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Honky Tonk Woman - The Rolling Stones
Walter Reed - Michael Penn
Release - Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake

6) One of my favorite Hugh Laurie videos ever. This one celebrate various character of his spanning his entire career. It is beyond adorable! Enjoy

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If watching this doesn't leave you crying from laughter I don't know what will!

3 parts, Paddy the psychotic Monkey meets the Dirty Jobs crew.....

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Since I'm incredibly bored tonight I decided to find some pics of my other love Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.

Did you know that he used to sing with the Baltimore Opera?

I need to have his baby :)

Here's Mike singing the United States National Anthem....


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Found this on the ever-wonderful However the clip they have uploaded was cut off according to the maintainers there so here is the link to the fox affiliate in LA for the whole video.

Damn Hugh is awesome when he sings

This is the video from the news, but click on the link below and you get a longer version with all the cast members from House talking about partisipating, including Lisa E and Jennifer M discussing singing with the band!;jsessionid=AB662CCE9DDFE37EEA03260CFE95D8A9?contentId=4206903&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1 

And here's a screen cap because I love to see him referred to as an actor/musician!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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This makes me SO proud to be not only American but also Blonde!

I just have NO words.........
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A Bit of Fry and Laurie loveliness because, well because they are love!!!!

If you can remember the Calvin Kline "Obsession" perfume ads this will make total sense and even if you haven't it's still pretty damn funny. Plus you get the bonus of seeing Hugh and Stephen swim :)

So for tonights edition of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie loveliness I present to you........

The opening to Season 4

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In honor of Season 3 coming out on DVD this Tuesday containing the much coveted Season 3 blooper reel, I give you today's edition of Hugh Laurie loveliness.

I present to you........

Season 2's blooper reel.

Yes we've all seen it before but come on, it's funny. I love the whole friggin' cast I swear. RSL with the "I have no idea what play I'm in" comment as JMo laughs gets me every time. Jesse and the "You'll die!" and don't get me started on Hugh especially the multiple riffs with Jesse.

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It's been a while since I've done this, about a week but here is the latest edition of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry Loveliness and Hilarity, Monday edition.

I present to you.........Psychic Spoon Bender!!!



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