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MTV is developing a remake of 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, reports Variety.

Lou Adler, executive producer of the original film, is partnering with BermanBraun and Fox Television Studios on the new rendition.

The new version will use the original screenplay by Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brien but may also include music not featured in the original.

The director and casting decisions have yet to be announced. The original starred Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf.

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While reading my Google alerts, I came across this little nugget of joy:

Taken from an actual letter/question written to Parade Magazine in the US:
Elizabeth Testerman had this to ask: "People complain about immigrants taking jobs away from us but don't utter a peep about all of the Brits playing Americans on TV, like Hugh Laurie on House. Why do producers hire them?"

Here is me after reading this O.o
Is this person serious?

As sad as it sounds, she totally was.

So I began leafing though this blog which is rather humorous in itself (

This passage made me laugh so hard because it could actually be a conversation that my husband and I would have.

And after many conversations over the phone with [ profile] bonorattle, I can totally see her and her husband Jimmy having the same type of conversation:

Please note: The "Me" in question would be blogger Tod Goldberg, Wendy being his wife.

Me: You know what I bet?

Wendy: What?

Me: I bet if I stood outside and peed, that it would freeze.

Wendy: It's 45 degrees outside.

Me: Right. But when it cools down, it would freeze.

Wendy: And you intend to sit out there and wait?

Me: Well, no, I'd wait until it got cold enough and then I'd pee outside.

Wendy: Why are we having this conversation?

Me: I'm just saying that if it gets down to freezing tonight I should see if my pee will freeze. I mean, we live in the desert, right? So wouldn't it be interesting if it got so cold in the desert that my pee literally froze? I mean, everyone's always talking about frying an egg on the sidewalk. This would be the opposite.


Me: I wouldn't want to get frost bite, though. That's a consideration.


Me: I bet it would also sort of mark my territory, teach Scout [our puppy] that I'm dominant. Though I don't know if frozen pee has the same effect. Hmmm.


Me: Anyway, if it gets down to freezing, I'm gonna see about peeing outside.

Wendy: You're an idiot.

Yes, men are this frightening deep *facepalm*

If you are married or in a relationship, you know this already. If you are not yet in this situation, please keep this entry in the back of your mind, it will happen to you one day!!
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Good Lord, I don't even understand what my title of this entry means *dies*

It’s the Humpday before Thanksgiving (for us Americans) but this day has been made of fail so before I give you the feast of pictures, I give you the cold turkey.


-----I apologize for being moody and crabby about last night’s episode; sick child and good mood do not go together very well.


-----I apparently graduated from the “Britney Spears School  to drive good” as evidenced by my close call with a black Honda Accord this morning. I was at a stop sign and proceeded to take a left onto the road without a second thought to the other car careening towards me.  God bless anti-lock brakes.

-In my defense, the sun was brutally bright and I honestly didn’t see the Accord.


-----Was late getting into work, by 7 minutes, and had a voice mail waiting for me from my most annoying Gas Station owner.  He expects everything ASAP, even though he knows there’s a minimum of 24 hours to wait. Just like a man.


-----How do certifiable idiots get jobs and work for major fuel corporations dealing with banking? STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN’T BREED PERIOD!


-----I forgot to pull the ham out to defrost it for tomorrow *facepalm*


-----Hubby’s coming home today *happy dance*


-----“LA Woman” by the Doors followed by “Baba O’Riley” by The Who really does make it better 

-----*Squee* Just received my copy of "The Young Visiters" from amazon :D


----And now for what you all really want, Hugh!picspam
Usual disclaimer, if you can't handle extreme heat and have a weak heart, DO NOT VIEW!

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Facebook loses at life and more importantly Scrabulous.

I cannot do anything, the game boards don't come up no matter how many times I try and refresh *facepalm* 

I am SO over today. The day that was once so promising is now shit!

I'm insane

Nov. 4th, 2007 05:09 pm
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I just bought my husband a Playstation 3 for Christmas *facepalm*

What the hell is wrong with me and where did I get the money for it?

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Good morning all and happy November 1st!

I seriously can't believe that it is November already.  My national holiday will be later this month on Friday, November 23 AKA the Friday after Thanksgiving AKA Black Friday AKA Shelly's day of happiness.  I LOVE shopping, like seriously LOVE. It makes me happy, it is a form of therapy.

Retail Therapy, it's a bad addiction.

Thank you all for putting up with my Mommy gushing last night.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and seeing Mikey enjoying himself is a gift within itself.

After the costume madness, in addition to bleaching out my eyes I need a little bit of Hugh

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Wow, I just can't express how much glee I am feeling today.  I haven't had a laughfest like this in a very long time.......Let's start with the randomness!

[info]house_daily is the most amazing place ever.  Go there to view all the House cast pics but here is one of my favorites, a little Hugh for Hughsday.....

I'm pretty sure that I need to have his baby.............

2) Some spoilers have come out for Season 4 of House, I honestly am excited.  I won't go on, if you want to read my views you can click below
My thoughts behind the cut, beware I am opinionated! 

Heard the most ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious commercial on the radio today.  The tag line was as follows:
Do you have painful and long lasting menstration that is interferring with your lifestyle?

WHAT?!  What lifestyle? Are you losing money because you are a hooker?  Your pimp gonna beat you down because you can't get back to work?  

I was rolling after hearing this.

4) I am starting a fic community for me to post my fics to, that way readers don't have to wade through personal posts (kind of like this one) if they aren't in the mood.  I would also LOVE to post any of my flists fics there too, any more exposure can't hurt right?

5) Lindsey Lohan is a trainwreck and I cannot bring myself to look away. So she got busted for ANOTHER DUI, was involved in some car chase (not with the police), then marched into the Police station WITH cocaine in her pants pocket. Oh and that alcohol detection ankle thing she was wearing was reportedly a fake. Seriously WTF is wrong with this girl. I don't have problem with people doing what they're going to do but THIS CHICK SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR EVER!  She could have killed someone.  I draw the line there.  Do what you wanna do but don't risk someone else's life.



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1) Of course, once again Congrats to the lovely, humble and beautiful Hugh Laurie for his well deserved Emmy Nomination.  My favorite gossip guy even had praise from Hugh, at he called HUgh a "Hot Bitch" Couldn't say it better myself.

2) The first pics of Tom Cruise as a one-eyed Nazi War hero are out from his film with the lovely Stephen Fry and all I have to say it WTF, are they freaking serious. *facepalm*

3) In other Emmy news, this one has SO got to win:
taken from
As if four Grammy awards and Jessica Biel weren't enough, Justin Timberlake might add another trophy to his case -- an Emmy!

The SexyBacker's hilarious SNL video,
"Dick in a Box," has been nominated in the category of Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. Live performance, anyone?

Emmys -- Dick in a box
Tonys -- Dick in a box
Oscars -- Dick in a box
Every single awards show a dick in a box!
Please let this win!  And the Emmy goes to....DICK IN A BOX!

4) Work is pretty decent today, I am teaching replacement!chick the value of adoring Hugh Laurie, she went from not knowing who he is to saying she prefers him clean shaven.  Another convert on the way :D


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