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Thanks for all the things you have done and continue to do.

Here’s a little picture tribute to the smile that makes us all swoon


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It's my darling Jason Isaacs' birthday today. (Wow and Hugh's is only 5 days away)

Behold the beautiful evilness that only he can bring!

(Obviously this is image intensive, so please allow time to load)



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Happy Belated Birthday my darling [ profile] sharp2799 I hope your special day was spectacular!

Please accept this pic!spam as my gift to you :)


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In celebration of not 1, but 2 of my F-lister's birthday, here is a Birthday pic!spam of the double kind.

To my darlings and fellow Hugh Laurie and Alan Rickman fanatics, [ profile] maramyanet and [ profile] rockcandy83 I wish you both the Happiest of Happy Birthdays!

You lovely ladies get 2 pic!spams, I hope you and the rest enjoy :)


Hugh would like to wish you a Happy Birthday )

And a little bit of this :D

Alan wants to extended his wish of happiness to you also )

Hugs to you both!
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We seriously need some new House episodes as I feel that my brain is starting to short circuit. I've been watching entirely too many movies, especially "Sense and Sensibility" but I digress.

Happy Birthday to my darling Alan Rickman. In addition to Hugh, Alan needs to be my future Baby Grand Daddy

I bringeth a birthday pic!spam that includes dear Hugh as Mr. Palmer because how could I leave him out??!!

Special thanks to the Alan fans at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt and to [profile] decivitatedei for a number of these pics.

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First Happy Birthday wishes go out to [ profile] beebee_159 you are such a dear and a great cheerleader for my works in the fiction arena :)

In celebration I give you (and us all) Mr. Palmer pic!spam

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It’s Wednesday, you know what that means, Hugh!picspam. Today’s edition will be a little different in honor of [ profile] maybebaby1280’s birthday. You’re a kinky little hottie and you know it, luvs you lots! ;)

Before the main event, you’re going to have to sit through a few ramblings on my part.

A) My deepest and sincerest appreciation to all of my flist for putting up with my behavior the past few days. I try not to talk about/dwell/complain about my daily life. I’m not one to seek out and burden people with my problems. That being said, I apologize for any stress or worry I may have caused. I love you all.
-I won’t wax poetic and go into lengthy explanations but I did go to my doctor today, I was put back on my medicine, got lab results, discussed what’s going on inside me and am on a path to bettering myself in the long run.

B) Dear Fuel Company X: When I call you a simple question as to whether or not you have our draft information for Friday available yet it is a waste of time/money/resources to create a help desk ticket with the simple purpose to give me this information. Furthermore, does the said help ticket really need to travel through 3 departments before reaching the proper destination Accounts Receivable. Common sense dictates that if I’m looking for information regarding money your company is going to RECEIVE from mine, then you would go straight to the department whose job is to keep track of the money your company RECEIVES! /endrant

C) When did women not only get so disgusting but also stupid? In the past month we have had numerous issues with our bathroom system stemming from the ladies facilities. Apparently the bright neon green signs in every stall and on the exit door that state “Do Not Flush Any Feminine Hygiene Products down the Toilets at Any Time” are not enough. A company wide memo has now had to go out re-iterating this fact. Silly me, I learned in 5th grade that pads with adhesive should never be flushed. And did I mention my office only has like 20 people in it? *facepalm*

D) I promised [ profile] bonorattle that I will watch Part 1 of “All or Nothing At All” tonight. Pray for me people because I’m still recovering from Jools and she states that Leo is twice as deadly. My “dream Hugh” in the flesh. *whimpers*

E) I’m going to my first “Brown Bag” party on Saturday. I’m nervous, I know they’re supposed to be a lot of fun but regardless of my behavior on here, I am a shy one, easily given to blushing.

F) Stephen Fry is still the most amazing man alive.

G) Sun Chips Honey Graham flavored are sweet, low fat, lower carb crack.

H) Onward with the Humpday Hugh!picspam special edition for [ profile] maybebaby1280’s birthday featuring Jennifer Morrison as Cameron.
The usual disclaimer, heart, lungs, brain combustion avoid at all costs………..and if you can’t handle some House/Cameron/Jennifer hotness
Happy Birthday, love Hugh! )
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Happy Birthday to my lovely and dear [profile] nicolejacks 
I'm sorry I'm a little late with this, work has been a bear.
I hope you enjoy......

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Happy Birthday to my dear [profile] starleigh 

I am so grateful to know you and to call you my friend :)

Follow the fake cut for the rest of the Birthday!picspam

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I wish the happiest of Happy Birthdays to my lovely friend Kathryn aka [profile] lostforhouse
I'm still working on getting that hot professor for you!

Your birthday present (fic) will be up tonight but I give you these semi-lame gifts until then.  Yeah sorry about the bad quality, if there's one thing in this world that I'm not, it's a graphic artist of any kind!

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This is for [profile] rara8777 for her birthday, I know it's a day late but let's pretend it's still 7/7/07! SHe wanted a House/Cameron story that involved something from the First Season, I chose to use "The Monster Truck Rally" as the House/Cameron moment.

I hope she and all of you enjoy, it's a little different for me to have written this, I hope it doesn't suck!

Title: Cotton Candy Nights
Author: [personal profile] calumfan 
POV: House, written in 2nd person
Rating: Hard PG-13, there is language
Summary: House asks Cameron to a Monster Truck Rally but it's not a date
Disclaimer: Not mine, if he was do you think I would be sharing him?



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