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All I can say is THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!

I trust and hope that you all will have a lovely weekend (Or enjoy what’s left of the weekend for some of you)

1) I honestly can’t understand how this is a good idea:

Teri Hatcher will show off her singing skills when she performs on America charity fundraiser "Idol Gives Back" next week. The Desperate Housewives star will hit the high notes on the mini-telethon.

The New York Daily News reports the actress will perform Carrie Underwood’s "Before He Cheats" with co-star James Denton and Hugh Laurie’s celebrity group The Band From TV.

Now I’m not trying to be rude here because I’m sure she can sing a heck of a lot better than me but ………

A) I’ve seen the video of the last time she performed with the band and it wasn’t horrible but still.

B) I want coverage about how awesome the band is, not about Teri Hatcher singing. There hasn’t been a mention really in mainstream media about BFTV performing but now that she’s involved it’s all over the place. Hugh, Greg and the rest are great; why not give them credit where credit is due.

C) She’s singing a CARRIE UNDERWOOD song. I’m sorry Teri, you are no Carrie Underwood. This has the possibility of being cringe worthy and will reflect poorly upon the band.

This sums up my feelings perfectly:

2) Holy Crap!! All I can say is if you have a PS3 or Blu-Ray disc player buy all your movies from They always have them on sale and have that free super shipper shipping price for orders over $25.00. New releases are usually 30% off.

3) How sad is it that my best friend since I was 10 and I are planning a “Bopper” (Don’t ask, it was our group’s nickname from school) reunion for the soon to be announced New Kids on the Block Reunion tour. *facepalm*

-Yes I am THAT hopeless.


4) I think I’m going to add “Serial Mom” and “American Psycho” to my never ending Netflix queue. I think I’m up to 57 movies in there now.

-Yeah I know, that was random but do you expect anything less form me? :)

5) I’m sad that there aren’t any pictures of Hugh at the Street Kings premiere. From everything I've read (the press releases and such) I believe he was expected to show. Maybe commitments to "House" kept him from being there or that he was late.

-One week everyone and we get to see him on the big screen!!!!

6) I was fiddling around a little bit with the set up of the Alan Rickman community [ profile] alanbunnies and was using our Hugh Laurie community [ profile] hughbunnies as a guide. I stumbled upon the fact that we now have 219 Members O_O. Needless to say I am absolutely floored at the response.

-[ profile] bonorattle Can you believe it!!! Our little community made from adoration and love. I couldn’t be prouder *hugs*

7) This is how life seems to feel on a daily basis and it made me LOL so hard.
click here for the funneth! )
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1) Spent all day shopping and spending entirely too much money. Went to the grocery store, Kohl's, Toys R Us, and Target with my son. He did so well, I was actually complimented on how well behaved he was. And when I told them he was Autistic, they were shocked and told me he was better than most other children.

2) Right before I put him to bed, he crawled on his hands and knees, went to the dogs water bowl and lapped up water. After the horror of his action wore off, it was pretty damn funny. He was rather proud of himself.

3) Lindsey and Jim on the phone = comedy gold! Oh yes, I love you Linds :)

4) Heads up, guys! [ profile] hughbunnies can now be found on MySpace and Facebook as well.

Click here to friend us on MySpace!

Facebook users can find our group here... I hope... (Facebook is never easy to navigate).
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Where to start, hmmmm I guess at the beginning.....I was nothing more than a twinkle in my mother's eye..Oh wait, not that far into the beginning. How about today's beginning!

1) Woke up late because I went to bed late on account of getting sucked into the Facebook vortex. Feel free to look me up! Rushed out and was almost late to work.

2) Dropped of son at school and was visited by the Radio Fairy who had these offerings:
*Color Me Badd - Mi Amore
*Keith Sweat - Rub You The Right Way
*Britney Spears - Gimme More

All together now O.O

3) Why do I bother letting people take care of things that are pretty elementary only to find that the issue would have been resolved on Monday if I had taken on the matter myself. *facepalm* Just shoot me!

4) If you haven't already, check out our new community [ profile] hughbunnies There's a contest to be coming soon, plus [ profile] bonorattle posted an amazing college of Hugh as Jasper in 101 Dalmations this morning. Hopefully we'll be pretty functional by this weekend!

5) I really needed this..........
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Thank you Hugh for brightening my day.
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 [personal profile] bonorattle and I have created a new community for our close knit group of Hugh devotees, otherwise known as Hughbunnies.

Please come join us for all the fun and craziness that comes from being a fan of the enormously talented man.  Click here [community profile] hughbunnies

As you can see, it's a little bare right now because I am hopeless with graphic, so we are officially asking for any help in that department.  We need some Hugh loveliness as a banner and a kick butt layout!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled daily routine, which I hope involves enjoying the Hugh!picspam I posted earlier :)


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