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It's Humpday and guess who i wanna hump :P

Before the pics, go here and vote for whether you miss the Ducklings or not:

Time for the weekly Humpday Hugh!picspam!

Today I bring you Hugh in a tux because honestly NO MAN rocks a tux like Hugh!
The usual disclaimer, if you suffer heart conditions, back problems, seizures, high blood pressure, spontaneous combustion or prone to light headedness when presented with beauty of the male persuasion then I suggest you not view this!

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Sorry for the lateness, it's been a LONG humpday.  So without further ado, I present you with my weekly Humpday Hugh!picspam

The usual disclaimer applies, if you are faint of heart or are prone to spontaneous combustion then I ask that you don't view these pics!

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Good afternoon my beautiful Flist, I trust you all are having an amazing day!

Why so cheerful you may ask, I honestly couldn't tell you but I am so I'm here to spread the love :)

So let's get this show on the road.

1) Before the usual nuttiness of my entry please let me extend a super huge Thank you! to all of you on my flist.  You are all the best.  Even though most of us met through our mutual love of Hugh Laurie and House, I can honestly say that the friendship I feel toward you all extends far past that. Yes the man may have brought us together but it's the little things that have cemeted the connection that we have. I look forward to learning more about you and love squeeing in excitement over silly little fangirl things.
You all ROCK!!!!

2) Stephen Fry has posted a new entry to his blog. It's amazing. A completely deep, honest and thoughtful essay on his personal struggles with bi-polar and addiction.  Please run, don't walk to read this entry. I adore Stephen for so many reasons and this has just made the adoration grow so much deeper.  A million thank yous for the link go out to [profile] hughsbeautiful

3) Got my entry in [profile] hc_smut_a_thon complete and on time! That's a very good thing indeed. Seems the muse has come back and I couldn't be happier.

4) Hubby has duty tonight but I'm not fretting, a long "date" with [personal profile] bonorattle is to occur this evening. Plans for conquering the world shall be made! Or probably just the usual non-sensical BS that seem to filterinto our conversations.

5) Now for the Humpday Hugh!picspam. I dedicate this one to the womderal and lovely [personal profile] dil_deal and [profile] hughsbeautiful I know that they like me ADORE Paul Slippery.  Please take precautions as usual before viewing the gorgeousness and most of all, ENJOY!


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Once again it's Wednesday, Hump Day and guess who I want to hump?!

I have to make up for last weeks absence of Hugh!picspam (damn vacation) and post an extra large one today. After an extensive chat with [personal profile] bonorattle I have decided to dedicate this picspam to Jools from MI-5 aka Spooks.  Between Hugh in this and Maybe Baby, I am seriously DED. 

PS, if anyone has high quality screen shots or pics, banner etc, hook me up!!!

And yes I have a weird obsession with a man smoking so there are plenty of pics of this.

Linds, I am forever grateful for not only these pics but the lovely soundbites you gave to me.


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Once again the time is upon us, it's Humpday and you all know who i want to hump! But before the official Hugh!picspam, let's get the incoherant ramblings out of the way.

1) You know me, I don't do a meta but click on the cut to read how much in love with the episode I was and which docs I am adoring.

2) The whole city here in Jacksonville is pretty much flooded.  At 7AM this morning it was dark as night.  I wanted to stay in bed. But here at work I am!

3) Since my adrenaline was buzzing I was up until 2am.  But it was a good thing, I posted a new chapter to "Life's Little Mysteries" with plenty of teh smut.  You can find it at [profile] calumfans_house

4) OK, onto the important things Hugh!picspam.
As usual, here is the disclaimer:
If you have a weak heart or are prone to hot flashes, please beware, Hottness ahead
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I'm just not going to wax poetic about how wonderful Season 4's premiere was.  It's all been said by numerous people, and I honestly don't want to take away from anyone's personal thoughts or feelings on what they saw on the screen.  We see what we want to, free will is a beautiful thing :)

Now, it's Humpday and the need to hump is strong with me so on with the weekly issue of Hugh!picspam, and it's a doozy.  Please have a doctor standing by.....

Here's 2 pics from last night because they were my favorite looks

No seriously, I about died at this moment...

And my weakness of House in glasses knows NO bounds....

Now on with the rest of the Hugh!picspam, It's a special one , you know you want to see it!!!!

(And yes it's totally objectifying)



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